The Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery UK

In this article, we will look at the lightest and most powerful electric bike conversion kits currently available. Most of the e-bike kits described below are remarkably light and weigh less than 4 kg (including battery and auxiliary components) and have a motor up to 3000w of power.

The best ebike conversion kits in the UK

To help you in your choice we have done a market research for the best electric bike conversion kits in UK.

With the ever-increasing diffusion of e-bikes in the city, many more cyclists (and others) are moving towards this green and rapid mobility solution that has been slightly underestimated until now.

In fact, if you want an e-bike, but you don't want to abandon your bicycle, in these cases you can use the conversion kits from an ordinary bicycle to an e-bike.

One of the main advantages of fitting an e-bike conversion kit over buying a factory electric bike is the cost, you can save over £2000 with a DIY kit!

In this article we will indicate the reasons why the purchase of this kit is more advantageous than that of the bicycle itself.

E-bikes being sold per year in the UK

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1 hour of cycling an e-bike burns an average of 390 calories

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Electric Bike is 21% faster than a traditional bike

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60% of E-Bike owners say they feel safer riding an Electric Bike

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Electric bike conversion kit: all the advantages

The electric bicycle is the innovation of a common bike with the addition of an engine; it is particularly silent and certainly less polluting. It is possible to buy it on the market, whether it is online or not, but it is preferable to obtain it personally by using a conversion kit.

Although the electric bike conversion kits on the market are varied and numerous, it can be said that each of them has broadly the same elements useful for transforming the common bike into a pedal assisted model. Let's see below which are the main ones.

Battery Pack

The more sophisticated models are equipped with lithium batteries, particularly long-lasting and able to offer a longer autonomy time. They can be installed on the frame or in the rear rack.

The Motor

This element is the most important of all, as it effectively allows the operation of an electric bike. Its power can vary from 250 to 1500 Watts and even more.

Control Unit

The control unit is a particularly useful component for power and battery management; it can continuously adjust the voltage going to the motor in response to the user's throttle signal and pedal sensors.


The more sophisticated conversion kits are equipped with a display that shows information about the route taken and the main settings of the device like battery level, bike speed, kilometers traveled.

ST3IKE 48V 1500W Motor Ebike Kit with Battery

For those looking for a product complete with wheel, thanks to which to switch from a manual pedaling to an electric bike, the ST3IKE proposal is an interesting choice and one of the cheapest in the sector.

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high power 1500w ebike conversion kit
1500w 48V ebike kit

This high-powered kit is not legal in the UK for use on the public roads

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1000w CE Approved 48V ebike kit
1000w 48V ebike kit

This would be ideal for converting a normal MTB into a super powerful e-MTB

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250w road legal ebike conversion kit
250w Road legal ebike kit

Mounting on the front or rear wheel, easy to install with excellent performance

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How to choose the best ebike conversion kit in UK?

When purchasing an electric bike conversion kit it is important to pay attention to small but very important details, which could prove to be fundamental.


Electric bike conversion kit: here are the best kits in the UK

The electric bike conversion kits have been created specifically for all those who, already owning a good traditional bike, want to upgrade it with all the benefits of adding an electric motor.

250W 36V - Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

It is one of the best-selling kits, thanks to its general quality and ease of assembly. It is made up of eleven elements and an engine that delivers a power of 250W, sufficient to meet most needs, as well as having a range of 50 km (31 miles).

A front wheel hub motor conversion kit is a quick and easy way to add electric assistance to your bike - the 250w front hub motor is not only reliable but produces great performance. Ease of installation is another plus, you simply need to replace the front wheel, change the inner tube, tire and disc rotor (if you have disc brakes), reinstall it. Attach the display to the handlebar, insert the battery, mount the controller box and install the pedal assist sensor on the crank axle, plug everything in and go!

Assembly is very intuitive and easy, thanks also to the connectors on which there are various labels that indicate where they must be connected. In the package, the motor controller, the 36v 7AH lithium battery, 1× Thumb or Twist throttle, 1 Pair electric brake levers, LCD display, a wheel 14-29 inch and a mounting adapter are supplied with the motor.

The kit also includes a useful LCD display from which to consult all the information relating to the state of the battery, as well as a headlight and a power extension cable.

The 250w version is 100% legal for UK road use as it does not exceed the maximum continuous power of 250w allowed by UK EAPC law.

48V 1000W Ebike Conversion kit with Battery

This Ebike Conversion kit with Battery offers exceptional value for money. This is the 1000w 48v front or rear motor conversion kit for 14″ to 29″ wheel size with additional 48v 12.5Ah 2500mah DC Lithium Battery.

This Ebike Conversion kit is compatible with any bike such as mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter and folding bikes.

Best Specs: Quiet and reliable brushless gearless hub motor. The kit includes motorized wheel, motor controller, speed throttle, battery and electric brake levers, LCD Display with wire harness. Brake shuts off motor automatically, saves energy, improves safety.

Max speed: 25-55 km/h - 15.5-34.1 mph

Please take note, this kit is not road legal and must be used on private property only.

Monster Power 1500W High Torque Motor Conversion kit with Battery

This kit can be fitted to any standard MTB or Street Bike with bottle cage mounting inserts on the top side of the downtube, this amazing will turn it into a high performance, top speed (+35 mph) electric bike.

The LG Lithium Ion Battery in this kit is included, it is little larger than a water bottle that can be mounted in any position. The motor has an impressive torque of 50 nm and needs to be mounted on the rear wheel only (on the front it would make the wheel skid continuously).

Please take note, this kit is not road legal and must be used on private property only.